Buy Coffee online from Uk supplier Coffee Direct. We supply freshly roasted speciality beans & Wholesale beans, barista training, commercial espresso machines and commercial grinders.



Coffee Direct has been supplying hotels, restaurants, cafés, offices etc with commercial coffee machines, wholesale coffee beans as well as other related products, for more than 25 years now. Our passion for coffee – using the best Arabica beans – is evident in our range of blends and single origin.



Our extensive range of commercial coffee machines caters for all applications and includes traditional espresso machines, bean to cup machines and beverage vending machines, we also have a wide range of commercial coffee grinders.



Buy coffee online with free delivery. We have a wide selection of freshly roasted beans, choice from our blends or single origin range and all our coffee comes in 454g, 1kg and 2.5kg options we can either grind the beans for you to use on your equipment or post bean whole for you to grind.



The Scottish Barista School offers barista training in Glasgow and Edinburgh, although tailored courses can be offered nationally. We offer the SCAE modules and diploma, meaning you gain a recognised qualification.

Bulk Brew / Filter Coffee

Do you need to be able to reliably serve 250 cups of coffee per hour and it still be high quality? Then our bulk brew machines fit perfectly into that niche. Do you have a period when you struggle to keep up with the orders, be it a particularly busy period, or is there an interval, half time, or short break that means customers flood in wanting their drinks immediately? No one wants to keep their customers waiting, and these machines are designed to make sure people get the drink they want sooner rather than later.

The perfect choice for hotels restaurants or any place where you need to produce up to 20 litres of good quality filter coffee an hour, our bulk brew machines can hold the beverage for up to two and a half hours, meaning that the beverage is ready when your customers are.

Wholesale Coffee suppliers

We know that your customers are getting more discerning and expect only the best, and for more than 25 years we have been delivering only the best wholesale coffee suppliers to restaurants, cafes, offices and anywhere where coffee is more than just a drink. Choosing the right coffee supplies and the right supplier is the difference between average beverage and the great beverage that will keep your customers coming back for more.

We put our heart and souls into getting the perfect roast, starting with the beans; we only select the finest Arabica beans, carefully choosing those from the best origins and blends that can be relied upon to produce cup after cup of superb coffee.

Our processing takes the best of tradition and marries it to the best of modern methods. Whilst the hi-tech computer system is used to ensure that we produce consistently high-quality batches bursting with aroma and taste, it is the traditional bean drum roasters that are used to draw out the flavour of the beans. Then the beans are allowed to rest to reach their peak flavour and allow any unwanted gases to escape, before being sealed into airtight bags to trap those perfect flavours and stop them going stale. Each bag is individually marled with a roast date and batch code so that you know exactly what day your beans were prepared.

This is just the start for you, we know how much pride you have in your business, so we will happily personalise your boxes with your company’s logo. Or do you have a particular roast or blend in mind, as coffee suppliers we can source beans from all over the world and would love to work with you to ensure you get the exact coffee you need and your customers want.

Contact us now to discuss if you qualify for our wholesale pricing, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you to ensure our passion helps you produce great espresso.

Barista Training

Coffee is more than water and beans, instead it has woven its way into our lives, our literature and now is a thriving industry in itself. Making coffee is an art and to become that sort of artist you need Barista training.

Barista training places you ahead of the competition. Take your first steps and gain an industry recognised qualification that means you can recognise and brew the coffees that are now a part of our daily lives, then continue to be able to use the more advanced techniques, recognise the more complex blends and understand the science behind this art. Finally move on to understanding not just the heavenly coffee that you can produce, recognise and serve every time, but also the workings of a coffee shop or café, the issues of customer flow and design that make a good business great. Each step of the way you gain modules and diplomas from the SCAE, meaning that you place your feet on the path towards a lifelong career. Can you ever imagine a time when the world won’t want coffee? It was Justina Chen that wrote ‘Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.’

Even if coffee isn’t your career, just merely your drink of choice to buoy you through your day, then come along and learn more about those magical beans, learn how to make a cup of espresso to make you day that much richer, and how to be the toast of any after dinner group

Speciality Coffee

As you may have guessed we love coffee, and we love that people want to enjoy our coffee every time they reach for their cup. So when our customers began to ask for a way to take our great coffee home, we were only too happy to get our thinking caps on and launch our own range of great coffee that you can enjoy at home.

So much more than a simple drink to wake you up, the ingredients need to be chosen with care, and we use only Arabica coffee beans. A well prepared espresso should be evocatively fragrant, with a round flavour and a hint of sweetness, the acidity should be only slight but never the less still pleasant on the tongue, and cut through with a note of bitterness. Rather than a bitter aftertaste the remaining flavour should be of soft caramel and the colour should echo the red and brown of the raw coffee beans themselves.

Freshly roasted coffee should be a pleasure on the tongue and bursting with anti-oxidants and carefully roasted and sealed at its peak flavour our coffee beans provide all this and more. Great espresso should be a part of your every day, from traditional roasts with decadent smoky undertones, Java platinum blends that embody the smoothest of silks through to Mocha Java blends that balance hints of chocolate with floral aromatic aromas. They make the perfect gift, and should always be on your shelves, I think we can all agree that life is too short to waste on bad coffee.