Macap M5T Grinder with timer

Product Description

All Macap Grinders are designed to give you a fast and consistent grind every time, and the Macap M5T Grinder with Timer is designed with the budget conscious in mind.

A small capacity grinder is it hard to think of anything else that would beat this grinder in terms of value for money. Combining great features and ample power it’s everything you need for smaller productions.

It’s 0.6kg Hopper Capacity allows you to grind up to 4kg per hour with a grinding speed of 1400 RPM, and the 58mm steel grinding blades have a lifespan of 250kg. The dosing hopper has a capacity of 200g and dosing adjustments of 5.5/8.5g.

Manual grinders excel in their simplicity just push the button when you need the beans ground, giving you the freshest grind exactly when you need it, the M5T takes things a step further with the addition of a timer, allowing you to plan for the busier times of the day. A manual grinder with timer makes the perfect step between the manual and automatic grinders. Just set the time for when it’s required and you will have freshly ground beans exactly when you need them, and because you only have to grind what you need when you need it it’s more economical on beans as well.

Added to this you have high quality, unbeatably reliability and technical brilliance of Macap grinders. Made in Italy these grinders are designed to be one step in making the perfect cup of coffee, ensuring that you and your customers are more than satisfied with the end result.

To make this an even better blend we add our own expertise and support, not only do we have a range of machines that will help you supply your customers with great coffee, but we also supply wholesale coffee blended with the care and precision that we pride ourselves on, our Scottish Barista school offers training with an industry recognised series of qualifications and we have great finance options to help you invest in your businesses future. So what are you waiting for, contact us now for a no obligation chat about how we can help take your business forward.


Macap M5T


Blade Size : 58mm dia
Motor Power : 250W
Motor : 1400 RPM
Hopper Capacity : 600g
Doser Capacity: 200g
Depth :
Height :
Weight : 9kg