Permission to Launch?

Finally after many months of toil, we are please to announce the launch of our new website –

Its been a long hard road researching and developing our range of coffees (x10 to be precise). This included lots of late night phone calls and email to suppliers around the world, not to mention Jim’s visit to Australia, to catch up with the MacLaughlin family who run the Skybury coffee estate in Queensland – a particular favourite of ours.

So now we finally feel we have a fantastic range of distinctive coffees available to trade and public, that will suit even the most discerning palate.

From our Spicy and Earthy Malabar from Indian, our Sweet and Balanced Bom Jesus from Brazil, to our Mexican decaf, named after the feathered serpent god of the Mayans – Kukulkan.

But it doesn’t stop there, we also supply coffee equipment, all of which comes with a 1 years standard warranty and a service agreement, which can be discussed with you in-line with your requirements.

So why not have a look at our range and see if anything takes your fancy, or if your interested in a little more information about coffee, then visit our Tree of the Tropics page which tells you all about the coffee growing process from bean to cup!

We hope you like what you see on our new website, and if you have any suggestions on how you think we could improve on it, then please feel free to get in touch.