Jim Watson
Founder of Coffee Direct


We know that our customers are becoming more discerning and expect only the best, and for more than 25 years we have been delivering only the best coffee supplies to restaurants, cafes, offices, discerning individual consumers and anywhere where coffee is more than just a drink. Choosing the right coffee supplies and the right coffee supplier is the difference between average coffee and the great coffee that will keep our customers coming back for more.

We pour our heart and souls into getting the perfect roast, starting with the beans; we only select the finest beans, carefully choosing those from the best origins and blends that can be relied upon to produce cup after cup of superb coffee.

Our processing takes the best of tradition and marries it to the best of modern methods. Whilst a hi-tech roast profiling computer system is used to ensure that we produce consistently high quality batches bursting with aroma and taste, it is the traditional coffee drum roasters that are used to draw out the flavour of the beans. Then the beans are allowed to rest to reach their peak flavour and allow any unwanted gases to escape, before being sealed into airtight bags to trap those perfect flavours and stop them going stale. Each bag is individually marked with a roast date and batch code so that you know exactly what day your beans were prepared.